5 Ways to Fix Dental Damage

You may not know it, but May is Save Your Tooth Month. As your dentist, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to remind you to seek prompt attention if you suffer a dental injury or are in pain. Timely treatment allows us to use the most conservative method possible to fix dental damage. 

You’ll find many methods of tooth repair at our office. Call us today at 208-328-4484 if your tooth needs attention in Priest River, ID. In the meantime, check out some of our restorative treatments:

  • Dental Fillings – Your dentist uses a tooth-colored composite filling to fix a cavity or other minor dental damage. Unlike metal, composite fillings look completely natural in your smile. We use an especially durable composite called Bioclear to give you longer-lasting results. 
  • Dental Crowns – A crown covers your entire tooth, which makes them extremely versatile. They can mend cracks, breaks, or severe decay. It’s important to address this kind of damage ASAP. It can create a way for bacteria to get inside your tooth, causing a more serious problem.
  • Root Canals – If the interior of your tooth becomes infected, your only options are removing the tooth or getting a root canal. We typically recommend the root canal. Recovery is faster and easier. You won’t have to worry about replacing the tooth. Plus, your tooth root will remain. The root provides stimulation that helps prevent bone loss in your jaw. Your dentist performs many root canals in-house but refers more complicated cases to a specialist.
  • Dental Bridges – A bridge can replace a single tooth or several teeth in a row. A traditional bridge requires crowns to be placed on nearby teeth to support the restoration. Your dentist can attach a bridge to dental implants instead, to avoid the need to do this to any healthy teeth. 
  • Dental Implants – Implants can replace any number of teeth. They can be used with crowns, bridges, or dentures. Unlike other kinds of replacement teeth, implants help stop bone loss so you won’t have unwanted changes to your facial structure.

Need to fix dental damage? Call Priest River Dental at 208-328-4484 today.